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Services : greenWELLS

How greenWELLS(TM) works

Each client and client's needs are different.  If your organization or project is in an industry that carries out socially and/or environmentally just work and is in need of business assistance, advice, or sponsorship, please contact greenWELLS(TM) to see if we can offer a solution to accomplish your goal.  If your firm is seeking strategic management consulting in the area of corporate social responsibility, please contact greenWELLS(TM) for consulting rates and availability.

If you have resources to share with greenWELLS(TM) that are aligned with our mission and can be used to help educate others, by all means, please share them with us and we will consider adding them to our website.


Our Values

We believe in achieving and maintaining financial soundness.

We believe in reducing negative impacts on the natural environment by supporting zero waste first, reuse second and recycling third.

We believe in promoting social justice.

We believe in supporting independent businesses and ventures that enable employees to own equity in the organization where they work (e.g., the self-employed).

We believe that companion animals play an important role in human health and wellness.

We believe that aesthetics and design matter greatly to quality of life, and that sound design can and should be highly prioritized.

We believe that web-based technologies offer effective solutions that can not only build communities where communities did not exist before, but they can also bring efficiency of communication and waste reduction to the forefront.